Maiden to Mother

Pregnancy and Birth as a Spiritual Rite of Passage

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Pregnancy and birth can be a woman’s passage into a more powerful and ALIVE version of herself.

When a woman is able to access her MOTHER archetype, the mama bear, the one who values her time and energy because there is so little of it, her discernment around her YES and NO becomes laser sharp, and as a result she herself gathers more definition of WHO SHE IS. Women who consciously complete this rite of passage into the MOTHER archetype bring themselves more fully in their families and communities, and they are more satisfied in their lives.

I want you to feel like a QUEEN MOTHER during pregnancy and beyond.


If you can relate to this…

  • Lack of support or community around your pregnancy and birth
  • Falling “behind” in planning pregnancy and birth
  • Not taking care of yourself the way you know you should during pregnancy
  • Demanding family members placing expectations on you during pregnancy and birth
  • Feeling annoyed at the questions people ask and comments they make about your body

If you’ve been thinking…

  • No one understands what I’m going through
  • I’m so unprepared
  • Who am I going to be when this baby gets here?
  • What is my new life going to be like?

I’ll help you create a beautiful vision quest experience of your pregnancy and birth, holding space for your passage from Maiden to Mother. We’ll have the refreshing conversations you’ve been craving, woman to woman.

You will:

  • Set yourself up to receive the local community support you want and need
  • Set boundaries with demanding family members and being ok with saying NO
  • Feel ready, confident, and seen as a woman and mother.


Why Maiden to Mother?

My last pregnancy & birth was a beautiful, challenging, and transformative rite of passage & spiritual experience.

  • I discerned what distortions I wanted to leave behind from my indoctrination and conditioning.
  • I created my new identity as a mother and grieved the death of my maiden identity.
  • I birthed at home and requested the support that I wanted, how I wanted it.
  • I approached my pregnancy of birth as a spiritual rite of passage vision quest experience, making hundreds of tangible prayers over 9 months, gathering my supporters, and feeling connected with the spirit of my baby.

At times I felt frustrated + alone searching for advice (but not just any run-of-the-mill unsolicited advice or projections people so freely give to pregnant women….ick). 

So I became my own Wise Woman teacher. I recorded everything that I learned as a doula, mother, & Wise Woman.

If you’re a pregnant mama or you know a pregnant mama, this might be for you…or your friend (share with her!)

I created a Maiden to Mother class for pregnant women approaching pregnancy & birth as a spiritual rite of passage.

Carrie Jordan Birth Doula

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Hi, I’m Carrie. I’m a birth doula, home birthing mama, herbalist, and the founder of I teach about Women’s wisdom, birth, shamanism and earth wisdom. I’m an author and my writing has been featured in Mind Body Green, WITCH Magazine, Elephant Journal, Sivana East, and The Wonder Forest.