How to set personal goals

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Setting goals for your hobbies

In a society that values work, material success, and achievement, some women find themselves feeling guilty for not setting goals. What if you’re content with life right now? Maybe you set lots of goals for your career, and you want to focus on personal goals.

Do you want to take a break from striving? 

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Let’s welcome that! When we feel content in life and find ourselves wanting to simply enjoy where we are, there is still room for goals.

If you want to set more personal goals, consider the following areas of your life:

Hobbies Personal Goals

What do you enjoy in your spare time? What do you want more of? For example, do you love music? Learn to play an instrument. Do you love to dance? Set a goal of graduating from your local dance studio. Do you have a lot of creativity and love crafts? If so, choose a craft project to complete. 

Mental, Emotional, Physical Health Personal Goals

Mental, emotional, and physical health are so integral to the rest of life. When I realized that I had adrenal fatigue and an autoimmune disorder, it became clear to me that my health is the number one aspect of my life I need to prioritize. In other words, I see health as the foundation on which the rest of my life is built. When I was able to address those issues and feel more energy, my business, mindset, and life improved. Working with a support team (nutritionist, acupuncturist, naturopath, coaches, etc.) was absolutely necessary for me. Here are some ideas for your personal health goals: Have you been meaning to shift your diet? Try new recipes? Get some supplements to deal with vitamin deficiencies? Get more sleep? Lose weight or run a half marathon? Do you need support from a coach, alternative medicine practitioner or therapist? 

Spirituality Personal Goals

Has a certain path been softly calling your name? Is there a ceremony that you want to attend? A teacher or guide who you are calling in? Get clear on the traditions that interest you—not just for dabbling, but for commitment.

Reading Personal Goals

Whether you like to read or not, reading is a great way to learn new things, or enjoy exploring another world while exercising your brain. Ask a friend for a recommendation, join a book club, or consult your “books to read” list. I like to use Hoopla, a platform that has a wide variety of audio books that you can rent for free by connecting your library card with the app. More about how to integrate what you read.

Learning Personal Goals

This category is a time to consult your hobbies again. What hobbies are you interested in cultivating? Fishing? Sewing? Gardening? Bee keeping? There are so many free community classes out there, and a wealth of courses online to learn anything under the sun. Just make sure you focus in on one thing so that you can master it.  

Social Life and Community Personal Goals

What kind of social life and community are you craving? How do you want to feel in your relationships? Last year, as I reflected on the previous year, one thing that I wanted was more friendship. Deeper bonds, more meaning, being “seen,” being “invited,” being appreciated more by my friends. 

As I reflected, I thought, all of that is outside of myself. I’d be depending on others to make this so. Then I realized that if I want better relationships, I have to appreciate my friends more. Invite my friends more. I have to be curious about my friends. I have to show up more before others will show up for me. Often my goals and desires come back to my most favorite quote by Jim Rohn: If you want more, you have to be more.

Always put a date on your goal and make it specific.

And remember: For every personal goal or professional goal I have set, there are three or more goals I’ve failed at. If you fail, let that be ok. Let yourself harvest the wisdom from the learning experience.