The Rise Collective Podcast features interviews with wisdom keepers and light bringers of the world. Honoring the oral tradition, they are generously sharing their stories and wisdom about spiritual life, remembering the old ways, living in communion with the earth, and bringing it all to bear in our contemporary times.

I’m your host, Carrie Jordan. I am honored to facilitate a place for us to gather to hear the stories and wisdom from our relations. In our current global circumstances (read: crisis), we need spiritual leaders coming forward. It has been said that we need a spiritual and cultural revolution to come back into right relationship with the earth. This podcast is a platform where we invite forward the wisdom keepers and light bringers with the teachings needed for those shifts.

This is a platform for those walking traditional ancestral paths, bringing their ancient wisdom to bear in these contemporary times of need.

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Episode 16: Following The Next Steps with Ann Filemyr

Show notes

Episode 15: Divine Feminine with Sweet Medicine Nation

Show notes

Episode 14: Contemporary Shamanism with Christina Pratt

Show notes

Episode 13: Ancestral Healing Teaching with Carrie

Show notes

Episode 12: Music as Activism with Darren Thompson

Show notes

Episode 11: The Path of Pollen with Ariella Daly

Show notes

Episode 10: Following Original Instructions with Tat Erick Gonzalez

Show notes

Episode 9: Wisdom of Emotion with Ryu Koyama

Show notes

Episode 8: Anthroposophic Medicine with Julie Foster, NP

Show notes

Episode 7: Crystal Priestessing with Angie LaRue


Episode 6: Womb Matrix Healing with Maleda Gebremedhin


Episode 5: The Red Road with Sweet Medicine Nation

Show notes

Episode 4: Planetary healing with Georgia Jean

Episode 3: Sacred sound and inner wisdom keeping with Nissa Howard 

Episode 2: Humility and ceremonial etiquette with clan mother Hua Anwa


Episode 1: The Ceremonial Path with Tossekana Stevan Simich

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