rise collective podcast featuring wisdom keepers and light bringers of the world

The Rise Collective Podcast features interviews with wisdom keepers and light bringers of the world.

They are generously sharing their stories and wisdom about spiritual life and the old ways.

I’m your host, Carrie Jordan. I am honored to facilitate a place for us to gather to hear the stories and wisdom from our relations.

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iPhone: Go to the iTunes store and search “Rise Collective Podcast.” From there, you can click subscribe through the app. Every time we publish a new episode it will download to your device.

Android: Download the free app Stitcher Radio and search for “Rise Collective Podcast.” From there you can subscribe.


Episode 7: Crystal Priestessing with Angie LaRue

Episode 6: Womb Matrix Healing with Maleda Gebremedhin

Episode 5: The Red Road with Sweet Medicine Nation

Episode 4: Planetary healing with Georgia Jean

Episode 3: Sacred sound and inner wisdom keeping with Nissa Howard

Episode 2: Humility and ceremonial etiquette with clan mother Hua Anwa

Episode 1: The Ceremonial Path with Tossekana Stevan Simich

The Wisdom Keeper’s resource list

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