Carrie Jordan is the founder of The Rise Collective.Hi, I’m Carrie Jordan

I am a solutions-oriented marketing designer in Boulder, Colorado. I help brands and people meet their full potentials and do good in the world.

Most importantly, I recognize the magic of every day and I love helping my clients bring their visions to life.

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I worked with Simon D’Arcy to create the website for in Wordpress. I also art directed the branding of the site and developed the automated email marketing system using Convertkit. I work with Simon on a regular basis to edit his writing and create content for his audience.

I worked with Muji of Muji Blades to create a website that he can easily manage and update on his own using Squarespace.

I worked with Maleda of the Womb of Life School to create her beautiful vision for her website. Her desire was to automate the sales of her offerings so that she would no longer have to send things manually to her customers. I set up her Woo Commerce store, payment plans, and Convertkit email marketing automations to create a highly functional, elegant experience for Maleda and her customers. Developed in WordPress.


I worked with the owner of ViviSoi Skincare to launch her skincare brand on Mother’s Day. I created the website, content, and branding, and worked with Melissa to coach her through the nuts and bolts of launching her business. The website is developed using Wix.

I designed the website, write and create all content, and launched a Life Design Planner through 

The website is developed using WordPress.


I worked as a team with CRPE’s web developer to reorganize the information architecture of the CRPE website. I refreshed the brand and created the web design. I also refined messaging, developed new content, and refreshed old content on the site. The website is developed using Drupal.

I designed the website for Haggard Nelson Childcare.

The website is developed using Squarespace.


When we launched CRPE’s new blog, The Lens, I created a logo mark for the blog and developed an email newsletter template using MyEmma and HTML.

Print Design


CRPE had a need for a print material that they could use at events and gatherings to communicate the value of the organization to funders and people in the education industry. I designed this eight by eight booklet and coordinated printing. 


For RMI’s 30th anniversary, we wanted to create a special keepsake piece out of the annual newsletter with a look and feel that celebrated the circular logo shape throughout.

We wanted it to feel more like a brochure than a magazine, and to celebrate RMI’s 30 years of impact in the world. In collaboration with another designer, I conceptualized Solutions Journal magazine, then I designed the magazine and brought it entirely through production and through print. The cover has a UV varnish over the image.


With 10 years of experience in interactive design and marketing at companies that make a difference in the world, my colleagues know me for visual storytelling, strategic solutions, and creating efficient systems and processes. 

My creative career has spanned a variety of disciplines including art direction, digital marketing, interactive design, video production, fine art, and photography.

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Here’s a quick overview of my resume (see the whole thing on Linkedin):

2016-Present | Carrie Jordan Studio LLC

Content marketing for socially conscious businesses.

2015-2016 | Social Media & Email Marketing Manager at Atkins Nutritionals

Managed social and email campaigns that increased revenue.

2013-2015 | Interactive & Marketing Analyst at Center on Reinventing Public Education 

Wore many hats, and implemented new systems and progress measurement to the communications team.

2009-2013 | Lead Designer at Rocky Mountain Institute 

Increased donations by over 33% with my multimedia campaigns.


What my clients and colleagues say about me and my work:

I was looking for help for so long, struggling with tech overwhelm, marketing, and income. When I hired Carrie, I was investing a lot of trust and money in our relationship. The entire experience of the Feminine Business Accelerator was amazing. My favorite part of the experience was connecting with Carrie and seeing the results manifest so beautifully and how much I learned along the way. Carrie will actually help you learn and leave you with templates, how to’s and walk you through the work so that you are capable to do it yourself. Also she can really hear your story and the message you want to bring out. After the launch, I made $2000 in my first month. 

Hire Carrie if you want authenticity and results.

— Melissa Bourque, owner at

Carrie consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She takes the initiative to push our communications efforts to new levels and new audiences. She is quick, efficient, and organized, and she keeps others on task. Her calm, professional demeanor, good humor, flexibility, and willingness to do whatever is needed makes her invaluable to the communications and research teams. She checks in and informs staff about deadlines and delivers consistent, high-quality work on time. She has been an amazingly productive and proactive addition to CRPE since day 1. Her marketing expertise and design and technical skills are a great addition to the Center. She immediately “got” CRPE’s style and has been deeply involved in improving the website design and function. She very quickly gained staff confidence: project teams appreciate her fresh perspective and trust her design and style instincts, her ideas on content, and her guidance on social media and outreach.

— Deb Britt, Communications Director at Center on Reinventing Public Education

Carrie is an incredible asset. She approaches her work thoughtfully and brings a huge array of skills and talents to solve designs and communication needs in both print and web. In addition to solid design skills, Carrie is also a problem solver and great communicator. In the work at CRPE, she was able to take complicated projects with multiple demands, organizing herself and the small team towards workable solutions. It was terrific to work with Carrie—you always knew she would follow through and persist in finding solutions that worked for the whole team.

— Julie Angeley, Operations Director at Center on Reinventing Public Education

Carrie was a helpful liaison between the communications and research teams, worked hard to help keep data visualization projects on track and contributed creative ideas. She presented an effective and engaging social media briefing to staff, conducted a series of CRPE-wide focus group meetings, and presented website and data visualization plans to leadership and research staff. She worked directly with staff to develop engaging infographics. She’s a helpful, creative, solutions-oriented partner.

— Allison Krupnick, Editorial Director at CRPE

Carrie was phenomenal to work with on a design and strategic level. She’s creative and visually innovative, constantly doing research and finding new ways to approach our design needs. But she was also a strategic problem solver, and would dive into the weeds and squint at numbers to pull out insight that we could apply to improve our communications efforts. She’s a team player and ready to jump in to help on projects whenever she’s asked or needed, while at the same time balancing her priorities well and delivering projects on time. Carrie challenged me to be better at my job and to continuously strive for improvement. I wish I could take her with me on every project I ever do!

— Tamara Power-Drutis, Communications Coordinator at Center on Reinventing Public Education

Carrie would be an incredible asset and valuable contributor to any organization. She listens to and understands clients needs, with an uncanny ability to quickly make their wishes and specifications a reality. She takes direction with great enthusiasm, then responds with more than you expect in a very short amount of time. Her graphic design talent never ceases to amaze me and my clients. […] I wholeheartedly recommend Carrie in any endeavor she wishes to pursue.

— Kurt Eherenman, Web Designer and Information Architect; Owner at EhrenWerks, LLC

Carrie has a great eye for design, a passion for learning new skills and technology, and was a huge asset to Rocky Mountain Institute. Quick to turn around projects under pressure, she has an unrelenting dedication to quality and I would recommend her to anyone as a valuable addition to a team.

— Martin Walaszek, Marketing Manager at RMI

Carrie Jordan was a great addition to the team at Rocky Mountain Institute. She regularly exceeded our expectations in her ability to manage complex projects and generate creative content. She’s a fine collaborator and a pleasure to work with. We would hire her back in a nano-second.

— Michael Potts, CEO at RMI

Carrie and I have collaborated on a number of high-level print products—magazines and annual reports. She is a talented and bold designer who comes up with and executes design concepts that work really well for the content. She is very aware of the content messages and purposes when she designs. She is a reliable, trustworthy, agreeable and accountable team member who is always a pleasure to work on a project with, regardless of the project stresses. She is supremely intelligent and her insights have moved many a project to a higher level.

— Molly Miller, Editor at RMI

Carrie is one of most determined and hard working colleagues I have worked with. She demonstrated that determination to learn new design techniques and media formats, and the persistence to keep up with a stunning work load. Communications at RMI, like many firms was often subject to rapid changes in direction and last-minute crises. Carrie handled these incidents gracefully and made sure quality products were completed on time. 

I was extremely impressed by her flexibility and curiosity in learning digital video editing when we no longer had those skills in house. Carrie acquired these skills on her own initiative and completed several excellent video projects.

— Jonah Bea-Taylor, Media Specialist at RMI

Carrie is a huge creative asset to our team. 

She is simultaneously a big thinker with great insight. At the same time she is a great at execution and meeting tight deadlines. 

Her design and multi-media skills are excellent and have furthered our organization’s brand immeasurably. She is good with web and print design as well as video conception and editing. 

Carrie is a great team-player and helps to create a strong, healthy team.

— Jamie Moir, Internet Marketing Manager at RMI

Carrie worked in our studio, and was a wonderful, productive presence. We have a very small shop, so everyone has to wear many hats during the course of an average day, and Carrie fulfilled many tasks in an engaging and efficient way. She was always positive and upbeat, and her expertise in the areas of graphics and design were truly valuable. I recommend her highly. She is organized, creative, hard working, and a good colleague to be around.

— Joe McNally, Photographer at Joe McNally Photography

Carrie Jordan was an integral addition to our team. She readily took on projects independently and was able to work collaboratively with physicians and management alike. Not only was she successful in completing a number of collateral projects—from concept, to design, including photography, to print—but she was able to do so within a very short time frame and the product was exceptional.

— Judith Ward, Marketing Exec. at Stamford Hospital


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