“I was struggling with confidence, courage, organization, and unfinished projects. I wondered if I would actually bring my unfinished projects to fruition by working with her.

Since we started working together my client base has expanded and I am able to draw recurring income from new clients and classes that Carrie helped me develop.

I procrastinate less, fear technology less, and have gained courage to speak my truth and get the messages out that my soul has to bring forth. The most transformative part of my experience working with Carrie was being accountable to someone who respects, believes, and is so helpful in getting my work off my desk and into printed form to go out into the world.

If you are looking to help yourself and others through your talents and gifts, even if you doubt them, call Carrie.”

Karen Roberts

“The ideas that I formulated with Carrie will catapult me to new heights. I am more confident in my offerings and feeling more courageous to move forward. I have let go of any residual thought about not having enough in my self or the work I offer.

I recommend working with Carrie to evaluate the your business’s viability and shift so that it is viable. And do it all while maintaining connection to the Spirit of your visions.”

Julie Foster NP

“Carrie is an incredibly intuitive and confident woman, whom I trust deeply to work with on any type of project…Her attention to detail skills are fine-tuned, and her big-picture visioning is inspired. I enjoyed working with Carrie on a team so much that I recently began working with her in a coaching role.”

Elizabeth Waters

“I trust Carrie as a seer.”

Nissa Howard

“Carrie’s insights were very clear and made a lot of sense, helping me put pieces together some concrete ‘action steps’ as well as having a broader vision and direction to where I am going. I really appreciate Carrie’s presence, she was genuinely there with and for me.”

Francine Bonjour

“Since I started working with Carrie, I have brought in 10 new clients and have recurring income! I approach my work differently because I feel refreshed and have new techniques for how I run my business.”

Sweet Medicine Nation

“Carrie can really hear your story and the message you want to bring out.

Hire Carrie if you want authenticity and results.”

Melissa Simard