Praise and Testimonials

Carrie Jordan Rise Collective Praise TestimonialsSee what my clients and colleagues say about my work and results, from magic, to the Life Design Planner to the podcast, to feminine business.

Nissa Howard

 “I have tried uber-creative planners but they were too busy for me. I have tried corporate-type planners but they had no heart. Carrie has a solid base of heartful insight and practical foundation. This planner supports my need for organizing, tracking, and dream-storming.” Nissa Howard, Soul.Craft

Ayesha Ophelia

 “I’m in love with The Rise Collective’s Planner. It LITERALLY has every single thing I would want.” Ayesha Ophelia, The Girlfriend Manifesto

Allison Scott

 “The Life Design Planner goes above and beyond scheduling and organization. And it’s nothing like the standard, pretty, leather-bound journals you see everywhere.

This planner has changed my life.” Allison Scott

Francine Bonjour

 “Carrie’s insights were very clear and made a lot of sense, helping me put pieces together and write down some concrete ‘action steps’ as well as having a broader vision and direction to where I am going. I really appreciate Carrie’s presence, she was genuinely there with and for me.” Francine Bonjour

“I usually avoid podcasts because many people do not speak to the point, make asides that lead away from the topic, and use lots of “ands” and “umms”. [In the Rise Collective Podcast], the whole interview is well-organized. I feel as though we all are walking along a path. Carrie keeps the conversation moving along in a logical way.”A.N.

Melanie Good At You

 “Carrie is an expert at digital marketing and design and she helped me figure out how to set things up in my business so that all my systems were running more smoothly and effectively.

She’s patient, kind, wise and is such a helpful guide when it comes to helping you set up the important building blocks to grow your business.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology or constantly stuck on what to focus on next to grow your business—I highly recommend working with Carrie! She is great at helping you create results quickly!” Melanie Hersch, Empowered Dating and Relationship Coach at

Melissa Simard Vivisoi

 “The entire experience of the Feminine Business Accelerator was amazing. Carrie will actually help you learn and leave you with templates, how to’s and walk you through the work so that you are capable to do it yourself. Also she can really hear your story and the message you want to bring out. After the launch, I made $2000 in my first month. Hire Carrie if you want authenticity and results.” Melissa Simard, owner at

Sweet Medicine

 “I was struggling with technology, marketing, and income in my business, and it was really holding back my growth. Since I started working with Carrie, I have brought in 10 new clients!I approach my work differently because I feel refreshed and have new techniques for how I run my business.” Sweet Medicine Nation, Choctaw Wisdom Keeper

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