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This year, I’m taking a couple rounds of pre-orders for the 2020 Life Design Planner instead of selling throughout the season (we’ve already done 2 rounds of pre-orders). That’s because I’m having a baby and going on maternity leave. If you want your planner to be specific to 2020 containing all the dates, mercury retrogrades, new and full moons, make your pre-order before January 10. I will ship all pre-orders on January 10 and all orders will arrive by the end of January. It’s worth the wait.

PLUS: Add the 6-month undated evergreen planner to your order for just $15.

If you prefer to order a 6-month un-dated planner (start goal setting any time) with faster shipping, click here to order from Amazon.

The planner is over 200 pages of conscious living GOODNESS! Make your dreams come true in the next 12 months with a blend of dreaming, sacred being, and actionable baby steps. Your soul came to this realm to be fabulous and bring amazingness to the world. We only get one chance! Let’s do this!




Spiral bound Life Design Planner notebook with OVER 200 pages of prompts and planning to make the next 12 months spectacular! The planner dates begin in January 2020.


What people are saying

Women have called this planner life-changing, practical, supportive, heartful, and even “the best planner I have ever seen.”

How the Life Design Planner Works

It’s time to make a commitment. Commit to living up to your full potential as a powerful woman; Live into your soul’s purpose here on earth.

The Life Design Planner guides us through a process of considering our most closely held desires, wishes, insights, goals, intentions, dreams, and visions.

The planner is designed so that you can live by the seasons and the moon, each quarter begins on the solstice or equinox, and each monthly cycle begins on the new moon.

Make 2020 the year you made a strategy to achieve your goals!

  • 12-MONTH DATED 2020 PLANNER WITH OVER 15 UNIQUE PROMPTS, OVER 200 PAGES, AND PROPRIETARY DESIGN The Life Design Planner will help you make your dreams come true in the next 12 months with a blend of dreaming, being, and actionable baby steps. Spiral bound soft cover printed in the USA. Ideal for mamas, women entrepreneurs, professionals, and students. This planner is not dated so that you can start whenever you need to. We recommend beginning on the first of the month.
  • PROVEN GOAL SETTING PROCESS FOR WOMEN If you’ve been lacking focus, feeling scattered or searching for purpose, the spiral bound Life Design Planner will guide you through a proven process to create solutions despite constraints. Bring a fresh perspective to your plan for the year, quarter, month, and week ahead while leaving room for magic to unfold. Develop your intuition through this self documentation journal, create a vision, overcome procrastination, get organized and achieve your goals.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS The Life Design Planner tracking goal progress for creative, spiritual, and professional pursuits. It supports women in identifying their truest desires, uncovering their insights, and honoring their visions. It blends the practical with the spiritual so that the head is always in service to the heart.
  • MANIFEST AND GET RESULTS At the end of the day; week; month; quarter, those who use the Life Design Planner can say that they use their time wisely; that they manifest what they want; and that they create new results and solutions.
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