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Earth Wisdom // Moon Magic

Awaken and empower your feminine spirit. Live in rhythm with your womb, the moon, and the earth’s cycles so that you can discover the practical applications for your soul’s great work and your life.

Is the 60-Day Program For You?

Do you often find yourself acting like a man at work or in life to fit in?

Has the stark reality of the workforce required you to sideline many of your dreams in order to be a functional adult with a 9–5 job, health insurance, and a 401k?

Are you curious about the ancient mysteries of the moon and women’s wisdom, wondering how you can apply it practically in your day-to-day life?

If you are ready to become the fully realized, vibrant woman your soul came here to be; If you’re ready to commit to your life’s work and to living in rhythm with the natural world…

The 60-Day Program will help you step into your role as a wisdom keeper and feminine light bringer in your community.

Re-learn your inner womb and body wisdom, so you’ll see clearly the many choices for your life and work.

Reconnect with the wisdom of earth’s rhythms and cycles, so that you can liberate magic and creativity back in your everyday life.

Confront the shadows and patterns of your past that cause you to let go of your dreams. Step into your own version of adulthood that is not shaped by others’ or society’s expectations. 

In the MOON MAGIC 2-month program, you will:

Learn everything you should know about your body and sexuality that no one taught you. Fall into rhythm with the earth and your connection with moon medicine of your womb.

Explore nature’s rhythms and cycles as they relate to our own inner rhythms in ceremony, ritual, and movement.

Create practices for radiant physical, emotional, and spiritual health: learn about plant medicine and nutritional support. Become your own healer.

Gain clarity on your most innate gifts and talents.

Become part of a vibrant community of women who are devoted to showing up authentically and being of service in the world—you are welcome to shine.

Receive help with visioning and goal-setting to become the woman you were born to be.

You will receive…

9 weekly webinars to guide you through the program and set the agenda for each week. The first three webinars focus on womb and moon wisdom so that you can feel at home in your femininity and access the information your body gives you. The next three webinars focus on wilderness and nature-based shamanic skills so that you can source your cycles and work with the cycles of the Mother Earth in order to bring your greatest gifts into the world. The final three webinars focus on your rite of passage into womanhood and adulthood so that you can integrate and move forward into your sacred work in the world.

Facebook group so that you can connect with a group of like-minded sisters who are there for you throughout the process, and beyond.

MP3s, PDFs, and multimedia so that you can create your own physical, spiritual and emotional practices.

60-day journal prompt workbook so that you can foster your creativity and spiritual connection throughout the program.

Meet your guide

Hi, I am Carrie Jordan, steward of the earth and midwife of the Feminine Leadership Paradigm.

In my work with women, I draw on my experience as an earth medicine practitioner, birth doula, career coach, dance and yoga teacher, artist, author, herbalist, and profitable business owner.

I spent the first part of my professional life working full-time in the corporate world as a designer. At the same time, I received my shamanic training from the lineage of Pixie Lighthorse and Sweet Medicine Nation, coaching training at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO, Career Coach training with Sue Frederick, Doula training at Sterling Doulas, and dance teacher training at Became The Dance in Denver, CO.

My work in the world is empowering women through connection with their wombs, the earth, and co-creating a new feminine leadership & business paradigm.

Carrie Jordan Moon Magic Marketing Business Accelerator


Registration is closed because the program is now in session.
Please sign up below so that I can let you know about the next session in Spring 2018!


Women can participate in the 60-Day online program from anywhere in the world.

This course is a very intimate and vulnerable experience and you will leave feeling seen and witnessed by your sisters who will be your community long beyond the course.

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Moon magic

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