The Rise Collective

A feminine mystery school

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The spiritual teachings you learn in the school are easy to understand, practical to apply, and you’ll see results that improve every area of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational).

 I am currently re-working the Mystery School to be an in-depth course rather than a membership.

  • You will embody the work of the womb shaman with practices of the Priestess passed down from the Ancient ones through the Red Thread of our feminine ancestors.
  • Learn to work with plant medicine, animal medicine, energy medicine, stone medicine, elementals, and more for personal healing and planetary healing.
  • Know Thyself is a central tenant of the Mystery Traditions and is inscribed on the Temple at Delphi, an ancient Priestess Temple. We will study, uncover and activate the wisdom, gifts, weaknesses in our blood and bones.
  • Incorporate the spiritual technologies that will support every area of your life
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Send me your questions for coaching and guidance and I will go on a private Live for the school to answer them.