Do you feel magic pulsing through your veins?

…but at the same time feel disempowered because…

You focus on everyone else’s needs before your own? You silence parts of yourself so that you can just keep going and “hold it together?” You view your period as an inconvenience? You find yourself acting like a man at work or in life to fit in?

I’m sorry to break it to you, sister. These are all signs that you have lost touch with your power.

And you’re not alone—many women are not embodying themselves or their riches.

I experienced it, and I understand the uncomfortable growing pains of breaking old patterns and shifting your work. I’m happy to welcome you here and glad that you found your way here, for a reason.

Rhythm School

Rhythm School guides light bringers and wisdom keepers who feel disoriented in our modern world through a year-long training so that they can become effective leaders in the Spiritual Revolution.

Women taking their roles in their communities is a vital lever in the Spiritual Revolution

Recent climate reports say we have about 12 short years to collectively shift the way we live on this planet before major catastrophe hits. Scientists say we need a spiritual and cultural revolution in order for this to happen, and fast.

Light bringers and wisdom keepers, it is your duty to courageously come forward into this new paradigm and become a leader in your community, despite the fears that have held us back for centuries.

Your community needs the teachings and the wisdom in order to dispel the curse of greed and individualism. We offer a complete training and community to support you in stepping into your courageous leadership role.

Rhythm School is not a notch on your belt or resume.

Rhythm School is a passion that lives inside. It is a commitment to becoming the woman your grandmothers wanted you to be. It is a commitment to healing your ancestral line and your descendants. It is a commitment to the spiritual revolution of this earth.

As a result of this training you will step into leadership and walk your talk.

Rhythm School is a year-long High Priestess training.

As such, it is a commitment. This training lasts for one year because we must walk through the wheel of the year together, deeply commit to experiencing all 13 moon cycles, celebrate the high holidays, and support one another in stepping into leadership. A year is short compared to what women had in ancient times. This training is something that women embodied throughout their lives in community. You will carry forward your practices and your confidence into your community.

We begin in February on the high holiday of Imbolc, the traditional day of initiation for mystics.

After a year and a day of commitment and training, you will be initiated on Imbolc of 2020 in Boulder, Colorado.

The Result: You will become a leader in your community.

  • Become an expressive creatrix with solid boundaries, the communication skills of a boss, and the wisdom of a wise woman who will pass these ways to her community and the next generation.
  • Commit to practices for radiant mindset, physical, emotional, and spiritual health so that the Divine can come through you.
  • Learn everything you should know about your power-source: your womb and sexuality so that you can direct your energy and creativity.
  • Get clear on when to play, when to work, when to rest, filling your cup so that you have more to give to others.
  • Create an action plan to bring your teachings and wisdom to your community.

What women are saying about Rhythm School

“I love reframing how I have thought about my body and the magic of my womb. Rather than seeing the miracle of birth as outside of myself, this course has allowed me to own and claim the magic of being a woman. I am tapping into the spiritual and etherial aspect of menstruation. It’s a whole new idea for me to think of it as something sacred and revered. Before I just thought it was in the way—Now I realize it is my guide.”


“These are things that I have never explored before. Being a woman is so much deeper than I have ever looked into. And noticing it within myself has helped me to take more ownership. Not having given much time to myself and my own body, my womb, my cycle, this is something that I really wanted to learn more about and process for me. As far as boundaries and being comfortable with and expressing what I’m feeling on the inside, the power of how we word things is at the forefront of my life right now. The correlation between how I say things and what comes back.””


“When I had my daughter and was going through labor, I was just going through the motions. When I have another child I’ll be able to see it from another perspective, with a sense of empowerment. Getting to know your womb, the moon cycles, the emotional center opens up a whole new world of the divine feminine, creativity, and it’s so much amazing uncharted potential.”


Here are the topics we will cover throughout year:

Ancestral Exploration. Examine what you’ve learned about what it means to be a woman through your family of origin, your childhood, and society’s conditioning. Redefine femininity, magic, your life on your terms.

Ancestral Healing. Work with your ancestors who are well and clear the wounds of your ancestors, thus clearing the way for your own healing and the healing of everyone in your family line.

The Earth as Ancestor. Further deepen into your ancestry with plants, food, story, and land as a portal.

Folk Traditions of the Ancestors. Learn to track the cycles of your womb, the moon, and the earth. Any woman in any season of life can work through this module including if you have had a hysterectomy, are in menopause. The folk traditions of lore, Tarot, alchemy, spell-casting, amulets, intuition, prayer, music, dance will support us in our exploration.

Practices of a powerful woman. Learn the essential yet little-known communication tools for your work and relationships, and the importance of how you hold yourself, your emotions, and your valid perspectives. Cultivate your relationship with your highest self, your inner Priestess archetype, and deeply trust your intuition.

Your guides. Learn several different techniques to get in connection with and to work with your guides for healing, support, and guidance.

Body Wisdom. Create your own simple practices to regulate your nervous system and treat yourself like a queen so that you can go deeper with yourself and others. Practice and experience listening to the information your body gives you and taking action based on the information.

Earth Wisdom. Honor the land where you live, and listen to Her. Become an intermediary with the land and your community. Work with plant medicine, animal medicine, energy medicine, stone medicine, elementals, and more for personal healing and supporting your community.

Clarify your commitment & ethics so that you can cultivate integrity and integrate what you’ve discovered. Take the next step into service of your sacred work in the world. What kind of ancestor will you be?

When you enroll, you will receive:

  • Access to my library of online classes
  • 13 Monthly Zoom Meetings with deep teachings, live Q&A, council, and accountability.
  • MP3s, PDFs, and multimedia so that you can create supportive physical, spiritual, mental and emotional practices.
  • Journal prompt workbook so that you can foster your creativity and spiritual connection throughout the training.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I am Carrie Jordan and I will be your guide through Rhythm School. I guide through my European/Celtic North American lens.

My immersion into womens health and earth wisdom began at a young age and has continued in my work as a birth doula and Priestess. 

My work in the world is empowering women through connection with their bodies, the earth, and co-creating a new feminine leadership paradigm where women are accessing all of their feminine gifts in service. These ancient ways have changed my life and I believe they will change the world.


When and Where

  • The Group: Intimate group of up to 15 women
  • We begin: September 20, 2020


Paid-in-full: $2500

Payment plan option:

  • Deposit of $999 upon enrollment
  • Plus two consecutive monthly payments of $797 

Are you feeling called to deepen your commitment and join Rhythm School? I’d love to hear from you.

Application Process:

  1. Make an appointment
  2. We’ll see if we are a good fit
  3. You enroll and receive preparation materials
  4. We begin February 1, 2019