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Sacred activism

Many shamanic cultures believe that reality exists as a result of the Big Dream of the Cosmos. The Cosmos have dreamt you and I into existence. All of creation is like a spider web of life that connects everything (all our relations…our ancestors, our descendants, the standing nation, the plant nation, the two leggeds, the winged ones, and all the creatures in between). YOU are a dream, and you are dreaming your…and our reality into existence. WE are collectively dreaming OUR reality into existence. This is a big responsibility. In fact, it is sacred activism.

So, what are you dreaming? Let’s change our dream to change our reality. One of the many responsibilities of being a spiritual and mature adult is to pay attention to what our dreams (conscious and unconscious) are creating. Let’s dream a new reality and co-create it through consistent action. This is sacred activism. When we align with the flow of life and the Big Dream, what can unfold?

There is a strong need in our global community for light bringers. We can work with our own goals and aspirations to commit to the spiritual adult responsibility of sacred activism in our world. The unfolding of the U.S. election, the person chosen for Secretary of State (CEO of Exxon Mobil), Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline, among many other challenges in our current 3-D reality have shown us the dark shadow that lives in our society. How did we dream this nightmare?

Repressing our shadow aspects

My theory is that part of the issue at hand is the belief that some parts of ourselves and our society are not acceptable so we need to hide them. The unacceptable parts are called our shadow aspects.

The shadow is a Jungian concept: shadow is a part of us that we don’t accept. It’s something that isn’t accepted by our society (greediness; anger; judgement), so we stuff those parts of ourselves in a closet for years and years, pretending they don’t exist. Not surprisingly, the shadow becomes more mangled because it is unloved.

The idea of wholeness says that we can love all parts of ourselves. Instead of continuing to hide and repress our shadowy parts, what happens when we simply notice our inner shadow is there and acknowledge it?

spider web of life

One example of the shadow is racism. In our society, it is not ok to say or admit, “I am racist.” You will be scolded and shamed for being racist. Of course racism is a reality in our society and has been for a very, very long time. But we haven’t talked about it in quite a while. Some people reading this post will be triggered that I am even talking about it.

TV shows have a token black person and advertisements feature racially ambiguous people in order to be inclusive, and this gives the impression that we are integrated and we don’t see color.

In the past few years, the shadow of racism has come out of the closet and the shadow is right in front of our faces. Our reality is that black people are targeted and murdered by policeincarceration of black men is an epidemic, and black children have disproportionately less opportunity in education than other races.

It is time to embrace the shadow. Especially when we are caught in a strong “us versus them” narrative in the U.S. at the moment, the contrast of dark and light is grossly apparent.

Many have felt like outcasts because they are shamed, called stupid or ignorant when they admit that they are racist or that they like guns. Some people finally feel they have been given permission to say the hateful things that have been stuffed in the closet for years—because the president says hateful things.

Integrating the Shadow

Let’s examine how we can relate to these views. What part of yourself is greedy? What part of yourself is racist? What part of yourself wants to take advantage of others? Dive into the depths of the shadow. Have a conversation about it. Write about it. Help others explore their shadow with deep listening skills and curiosity. 

Next steps in sacred activism

We carry the medicine for these times. We are the light bringers, the dreamers, the love warriors. It is our responsibility to use our voices and be active participants in our communities, and to DREAM A NEW DREAM.

The worksheet below will help guide you on your sacred path. Even better, gather your brothers and sisters together to fill our these worksheets together so that you can dream the same dream.

Remember your power and remember that you’re not alone. Your brothers and sisters are alongside you dreaming the same dream for how wonderful the world can be.

As Trevor Hall says, “Darkness has its teachings. Love is never leaving.” Be the light and be the love.

Sacred Activism Workbook

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