How to deal with haters on social media….who used to be your friends

Carrie JordanBusiness, Shamanism

It’s been a fascinating study on modern relationships as I read the messages and comments about my posts and stories regarding current events. I am vocally standing for freedom, sovereignty, and basic human rights.

Evidently many of my “friends” on social media were “disappointed” by my views and opinions. Most of those people rarely (or never) send me messages or comments, text me, or call me on the phone.

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They generally don’t support my work in the world, never have, and likely send me psychic daggers of jealousy or some such gross energies. So, as my mother would say, Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Likely many of these friendships were artificially extended longer than their natural expiration date as a result of our technological connection through social media.

These lurkers, as I like to call them, will make a comment on a story or post I make with their judgement, assumptions, shaming, and finger pointing. Frankly, it’s annoying, gross, and I don’t have time for it. I will never understand why people follow me and respond to (or just hate on me and then gossip behind my back about) my page if they don’t like what I have to say.

Block “lurkers”

I find it incredibly sad that people have that much time on their hands, and seem to want to spend their energy hate-scrolling. Now when I sense a lurking or psychic dagger energy I immediately block.

No one is forcing you to read my personal opinions and interpretations. Go talk about what you think on your own page. I didn’t ask for feedback, and you didn’t ask if I wanted it.

Consider if you want more connection and if so, repair

At some points, I was willing to have the hard conversations. But I only have the hard conversations with people who I want to repair with; With people I want to stay in connection with. If I sense our soul contract is already complete, I am less willing to have a “repair” conversation.

Conflict, discussion, and sharing of perspectives can deepen relationship if people are able to leave the judgement, name calling, and shaming at the door. In my experience these exchanges can bring gifts of vulnerability, intimacy, and understanding. But most people are not able to do that. Especially when they are so invested in a narrative that they will rabidly defend it at all costs (even the cost of a “life-long” friendship).

However, it’s not my job to teach others how to communicate unless they pay me. I’m a Human Design projector and I see what people don’t want me to see. So when I offer unsolicited advice and guidance it almost always falls flat unless I am specifically asked or paid. I don’t waste my energy these days. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help amirite?

It seems like there are those kinds of people, and then people like me, who follow people they don’t agree with simply to keep a pulse on the conversation and to learn along the way. The way I discovered all I gather about what’s going on in the world behind the scenes is through curiosity: I see that this is a very polarizing issue. I wonder, why could that be? And diving in from there. And I am so incredibly grateful for this quality of mine because I have learned so much.

Separate projections from what might be legit feedback

“Shame on you for not fitting into the mainstream narrative and parroting what everyone else is saying. Shame on you for not being who I thought you were.”

Babe, your projections of me are not my problem. The way you perceive me is simply a mirror of your own triggers, trauma, and bullshit.

I interpret it as, “Don’t talk about this and we can still be friends.” I’m so disinterested in that kind of friendship.

Babe, if you wanted someone agreeable, it ain’t me. My North Node is Mars in Aries, k? You’re playing with fire. If I’m “too much” for you, go find less!

Divide and conquer: Realize this is psychological warfare, and not who someone really is.

Having a different perspective than the mainstream doesn’t make someone “anti” anything. This is dangerously oversimplified. I studied at the nation’s top journalism school and majored in political science in college. The headlines I see these days resemble nothing close to journalism in its pure form. True journalism is unbiased and aims to examine all perspectives. When people are censored, true journalism can’t exist.

People continue buying into the totalitarian mindset of an inability to consider perspectives outside of their own worldview. This is a well-documented tool of the communist regime (research the Chinese cultural revolution). The “useful idiots” become unpaid volunteer agents of the government and big industry that runs the government (look it up), policing their friends and family.

Realize it is not who they really are—sadly, they are simply vulnerable to psychological manipulation due to a lack of energetic fortification.

The “useful idiots,” as they are called in the literature, actually encourage the loss of our freedoms, currently namely the first amendment of free speech which is being trampled. I for one am being censored left and right on social media. So are many of my friends and colleagues, plus hundreds of doctors, activists, whistleblowers, and scientists including the inventor of the MRNA injection Robert Malone who is being censored and “fact checked,” Dr Stella Immanuel and her colleagues who recommended HQ during DT’s admin and got ripped and “fact checked” for it (but now under B magically HQ is fine to talk about), RFK Jr silenced on SM, the video interviews with the late inventor of the PCR test which are being censored, and many many more.

The narrative makes people think that their friends and neighbors are the enemies. Like I say, “if you know, you know,” who the enemy really is.

Get turned on by the loss

Yeah, I feel sadness and grief around all of this friendship loss, ostracization, and conflict. And I also get off on it…I love that I get to be in a consistent practice of processing so much emotion, rage and grief; that more room is being created in my life for awesome people (or just more energy for myself); that chapters have ended (because that means a new one is beginning); that I get to have my fire stoked—the fire that reminds me why I came to this planet.

Recommit to how you want to approach conflict

The past six years, I’ve done deep work around the people pleasing conditioning I received as a child. I continue to unravel my boundaries and sovereignty as a daily practice to the point where I authentically embody this work.

I am absolutely willing to have hard conversations with reasonable people, and I powerfully choose to approach my neighbors, friends, and family, and even strangers on social media (!!) with positive regard.

Know it’s not about you personally

Receiving criticism & daggers from Loved Ones says more about someone’s level of development and connection to their truth cord than it does about you. Can we see it as a blessing when these relationships pause or end?

Here’s what I want to say to the “friends” who have sent me nasty messages followed by “defriending,” me with no explanation:

I’m deeply disappointed with your behavior and with our friendship. Your inability to communicate and passive aggression speaks volumes about your character.

Friendship doesn’t always last forever

I’ve been reflecting on the ephemeral nature of friendships. In my experience, they seem to evolve and dissolve. Sometimes over many years, and earlier in my life, in a matter of days or weeks. Sometimes gracefully, organically, naturally with a quality of drifting off. Other times, painfully, complete with the grief and sadness of loss.

As my mother has always told me, life has peaks and valleys. And it seems, friendships can have those too. There are seasons and reasons, some which we will never know…Some friends make an entrance while others fade into the background, or meet me further down the river. I’m grateful to the friendships that have stood the test of time.

And then there are the friendships that endure years, where it feels like no time has passed. And yet each person has changed so much in that time. Everyone is going through their own experiences, peaks, and valleys. And we can never know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

There are some I wish I still knew well. Many I am deeply grateful for the mark you left on my heart and the difference you made in my life. I understand that sometimes our soul agreement is complete and therefore our relationship is complete.

But so many friends I have spent time loving over the years, I hope to reconnect with someday soon. Life is precious, friendship is precious, and I will always love you and send blessings your way.