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We all know that being careful and practical with our finances is important…it will keep us out of debt and other money issues. But sometimes being careful, practical, frugal just seems really boring. But like all things, it’s all about your perspective and what you are prioritizing.

Did you know that FRUGAL does not necessarily mean being a penny-pinching cheap-ass? Actually it means being economical, wise and cautious, saving, avoiding waste, and careful about providing for the future. 

Now that sounds like something I want to do! Avoiding waste, being wise, and providing for my future…these are all things I already strive for. What about you?

If you can get excited about any of those things, you’ll be looking at money from a place of abundance, excitement, and having more to invest in your financial freedom (which doesn’t have to mean winning the lottery and not working ever again—it can just mean being able to live life on your terms).

I now approach my lifestyle expenses and finances as “If it’s not a FULL BODY YES, then it’s a no.” Of course there are plain living expenses that I need to pay, but I carefully weigh and plan out the courses I take, trips I take, and what I do with my free time. I consult with my guides, my intuition, and the i-ching to find out if it is the right thing for me at the time. This frugal approach to my finances helps me prioritize what I want with both my time and my money.

Here are some no-brainer frugal money tips to take control of your finances

  • Bring tea or coffee to the office or make it at home instead of getting coffee at a coffee shop daily.
  • Make your lunches and snacks to bring to the office.
  • List your favorite happy hours in your area complete with the happy hour times. I love this idea I got from my Dad.
  • Shop from the grocery story flyer (I am obsessed with buy one get one free sales!). When you see non-perishables or products you love on sale, stock up!
  • Put all of your coins in a jar and bring them to the Coin Star once per quarter. It adds up!
  • Grocery shop once a week instead of each time you need something.
  • Plan your meals on a weekly basis.
  • Get rid of your cable bill.
  • If your shoe soles are worn out, you can get them re-soled for a fraction of the cost of buying new shoes.
  • Cut down on buying and drinking alcohol (when you order at a restaurant with your meal it can be up to $10 per glass! When you buy a bottle of wine or 6-pack of beer it is $10 a pop.)
  • Pay down your credit card debts, or transfer the balance to a 0% interest card with a special such as Discover Card. Interest is monthly and REALLY adds up. If you have issues with consumer debt, get support from Dave Ramsey’s podcasts and books.
  • Pay your bills (toll bills, credit card bills, doctor’s bills) and avoid late fees
  • Set up all of your credit cards to automatically pay off the balance in full on a monthly basis so you don’t miss a deadline again.
  • Get all the loyalty cards you can find! At restaurants, movie theaters, cafes…it never hurts to ask if they have a loyalty card.
  • Only go to the ATM for your bank to avoid paying fees.

What are your frugal money tips? I would love for you to share in the comments!

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