How to use technology so you can free up time to spend enjoying your life

Carrie JordanBusiness, Life Design


Technology can be a total suck on my energy and time, but there are ways that I have learned to use it to my advantage to create ease and flow in my life and work.

Some of the worst technology sucks I experience are from my own relationship with technology, and I’m sure I’m not alone. 

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I find that when I’m not clear on my reason for being on the computer, or on my phone, I allow myself to be sucked into a black hole. For example, checking email or scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

use technology for more free time for entrepreneurs and busy creative career women

Some of the best tips I have come across for working with technology in a supportive way are: 

  • Setting an away message by using the “Driving” setting on my phone’s control center while I’m busy so that notifications don’t interrupt me while I’m being social or getting work done. The person on the other end gets an “away” message so they know I won’t be getting back to them any time soon.
  • I have used task software and to-do list software here and there, but my Life Design Planner is the master list for me because it helps me set goals, manage my time, and decide what is actually important to complete.
  • Using Google Calendar to keep track of my commitments to myself and others. If something is not in my Google Calendar, it doesn’t exist. I like to make sure that I put my free time as well as my work commitments in the calendar so that I don’t fritter away free time. Each Monday, I put all of my Google Calendar commitments in my Life Design Planner so that I can look at a full plan for the week.
  • I use Calendly to help people find good times to meet or call so that we don’t go back and forth about times that work. It syncs with my Google Calendar so that it only schedules when I am free. I have also use Acuity, and Calendly is much more user-friendly.
  • Convertkit is my favorite email marketing software because it is so user friendly and fast to use. I barely ever have issues with this software and when I do, the customer service is outstanding. I schedule out emails and have an autoresponder and sequence that goes out every time someone makes a purchase.
  • Spark for email helps me keep my email organized and I’m able to schedule out emails that I want to send out each month ahead of time. This is one thing that I do in batches. For example, every month I send a note to our health insurance company to get a $60 rebate on our premium. Instead of trying to remember to do it every month, in the beginning of this year I scheduled the email to go out on the first of every month with the required paperwork attached. Voilà! No need to spend precious energy remembering a menial task. Another cool thing that Spark has is Email Templates. I created templates for each step of my client pipeline so that I don’t have to write it from scratch every time. Such a time saver!
  • Batch working is one of my favorite ways to get ahead of my work. For example you may not know that I sit down and write four blogs at once at the beginning of every month (I publish one blog per week). Then I don’t need to think about posting blogs for the rest of the month.
  • Freedom is an app that blocks websites that are distracting. Some days are harder to focus than others. Usually when I have a boost of energy and focus I don’t need to use Freedom, but when I’m struggling to focus, it really helps me to stay on task.

I hope these tech tips help you create more flow and ease in your relationship with technology and your goals. Remember- when you create systems that seamlessly fit into your life and work, everything can seem a lot easier and create more time to enjoy life. Let me know if you have any questions!