The Importance of Optimism

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism

Optimism is really a way of life or a path; and if you fall off of it, it can be like a downward spiral. Our lives are not written in the stars; I really believe that we manifest our own lives and that which we focus on, no matter if it is good or bad, becomes a reality. That’s why it’s important to focus on positive expectations. Sometimes a manifestation takes longer than you hope, but patience, courage, and optimism will do the trick to get you through that time.

Having the expectation of success in all you do gets you through the hard times and might help you work harder to achieve your goals. So, look for the silver lining. Find the solutions. You can’t find an answer if you are not open to asking the right questions. The person who says ‘we can,’ is the one who helps the team find a solution.

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In the goal-setting class I recently took with Suzanne Conrad from Igolu, I learned about “creative choice listening” which is basically being optimistic and open rather than closed when you’re met with a challenge. Some examples are:

Saying, “I canʼt believe they are asking me to do that” versus asking “What is it time for now?”

Saying, “They are not listening to me” versus declaring, “I create space for them to contribute.”

Saying, “I HAVE TO get this done” versus saying, “Itʼs time to make a powerful request.”

Asking, “What can I get THEM to do?” versus asking, “How can I value and orchestrate their unique gifts?”

Eleanor Roosevelt said in her autobiography This Is My Story, “No amount of care will ward off the accidents and all you can do is to meet them, as they come along, with a calm and steadfast spirit.” In other words, we can’t change our circumstances, but we can control how we react to them. Keep calm and carry on!