The Best Everything Of 2017

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Happy new year! I'm reflecting on the best music, books, streaming television shows, and tools for your business of 2017.

Happy new year! I’m reflecting on my favorite stuff from 2017 and I’d love to hear yours in the comments. Best Music/Songs of 2017 Toad Lick by East Forest Dark Necessities by RHCP Mr. Magic by Amy Winehouse Find your cloud by Papadosio Show Yourself by Ayla Nereo Make it Holy by The Staves Gold by Kiiara Lean in by … Read More

How I arrived on the Medicine Path

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medicine path

I arrived on the Medicine Path in 2011 after I was sexually assaulted.  I was twenty-three and was consequently blindsided by confusion, shame, depression, somatic dissociation, and disconnection from my intuition. Thankfully, Great Spirit guided me to find my way to a group of sisters. They were willing to help me pick myself up by my bootstraps and begin my … Read More

The key to unleash your sparkle and self expression

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emotional self expression

Do you struggle to be seen how you want to be seen? Do you struggle with expressing yourself in a way that truly honors your being? You may be repressing emotions which is preventing you from fully expressing and shining your brilliance in the world. If you think you’re not repressing emotions, I bet you’re wrong! That’s because I thought … Read More

The pervasive nature of emotional repression

Carrie JordanCreative Self Expression, Feminine Leadership, Womb Wisdom

Emotional repression is rampant in our society. Think about it: What scenarios is is “ok” to have a big emotional experience? In a therapist’s office behind closed doors. Maybe with your best friend or a family member if you’re lucky. Maybe with your intimate partner. But still, in my experience I have often been “shushed” and “fixed” in these scenarios … Read More

The 3 keys to building your business

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keys to building your business and marketing

On a few occasions, I have received frantic phone calls from potential clients in the midst of launching a business. They are speaking super fast and asking me all kinds of questions: Hello?! Do you do websites? I am so overwhelmed! I need to launch this business and I need all these things! How much do you charge?! …Needless to … Read More

How to honor your moon cycle

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what are your period cramps telling you?

For me, recognizing moon time as sacred is an essential part of being a healthy woman. “Moon time” has this name because menstruation usually lines up with the new moon, and our bodies are heavily influenced by the phases of the moon. I have suffered from cramps at the beginning of my moon for years, and finally I got the … Read More

A new view of jealousy

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how to reframe jealousy and envy

We can know that someone is jealous when someone is making fun of us, demeaning us, it seems like they are trying to bring us down a notch. That is often a sign of jealousy, or wanting something that someone else has. We can look at it a few ways—it can be a negative thing, or we can look at it with … Read More

Disconnect to Reconnect

Carrie JordanEarth Wisdom, Womb Wisdom

In the beginning of 2017, my man and I decided that every Sunday would be tech-free. It went great and felt amazing for a couple of months, and slowly it faded away for various reasons: two business owners being tech-free for a full day each week proved some challenges with communicating with our teams and our sometimes unruly schedules. Some habits … Read More