How to work with the emotional overload of goal setting and desire

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I receive lots of emails with questions about goal setting from my Life Design Planner customers. Mostly they are “This is awesome!” emails, and sometimes I get an emails from women who are…scared sh*tless. And dare I say, if you’re using the planner and not¬†scared sh*tless, you might be playing too small in your goal setting. Below I’m sharing an … Read More

The best productivity hack for computer-based to-do lists

Carrie JordanBusiness, Life Design

Is your productivity suffering as your to-do list exponentially expands to the point where it’s almost unmanageable? As I like to say with the Life Design Method, adding things to your “to-do list” like “organize the closet” and “empty the dishwasher” are important because our surroundings influence our lives…but they don’t belong on the to-do list. These kinds of tasks … Read More

The key to unleash your sparkle and self expression

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The key to unleash your sparkle and self expression

Do you struggle to be seen how you want to be seen? Do you struggle with expressing yourself in a way that truly honors your being? You may be repressing emotions which is preventing you from fully expressing and shining your brilliance in the world. If you think you’re not repressing emotions, I bet you’re wrong! That’s because I thought … Read More

The 3 keys to building your business

Carrie JordanBusiness, Life Design

On a few occasions, I have received frantic phone calls from potential clients in the midst of launching a business. They are speaking super fast and asking me all kinds of questions: Hello?! Do you do websites? I am so overwhelmed! I need to launch this business and I need all these things! How much do you charge?! …Needless to … Read More

5 language shifts for leadership

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Empowered and straight-forward communication is one of the first ways that we can start to up-level the ways we relate because language has nuance that we often don’t realize or consider. We can make implications or statements that we don’t mean to make when we use filler words, or phrases that allow us to skip creating more connection and vulnerability. … Read More

How to integrate what you read and learn

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A wisdom keeper is hungry for wisdom, that’s for sure! As a former book-devourer myself, I see lots of people in our conscious community reading a lot of the same books. Are we¬†really taking in the information as part of our being, or just parroting what we read? In the video I talk about how to integrate the information we … Read More

How to create an authentic personal brand

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Being authentic doesn’t mean showing every part of yourself all the time. It means being conscious of the authentic parts of yourself you choose to convey through your actions and choices.