Ep. 8: Anthroposophic Medicine with Julie Foster

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anthroposophic medicine

Our bodies, spirituality, and healing are all connected; yet the mainstream medical machine does not consider spirituality. Julie Foster Nurse Practitioner is re-imagining what it means to provide medical care at her clinic in Portland, OR. Her approach to care maintains a sense of humanity and allows her to develop relationships with her patients to help them on a deeper … Read More

A room-by-room guide to reducing your home’s energy consumption

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A room-by-room guide to reducing your home's energy consumption

By Elise Morgan Going green requires more than recycling plastic bottles. In fact, China has stopped buying recycling from the United States. As a result recycling often ends up in the landfill these days. The best route for now is not creating waste at all by reusing glass and metal bottles. For example: You can carry a bamboo fork and … Read More

7 Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep this Month

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By Kay Pascale There’s one thing that most of us constantly lack: sleep. Whether you’re staying up at night worrying about the next day’s to-do list or you find yourself working into the early morning, sleep seems to elude most of the population. If you find yourself in need of more sleep, or are looking for ways to get a … Read More

Necessities for a troubled world

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I’ve talked before about our responsibility in this world, and the urgency with which we must approach our goals, our purpose, our soul mission, in service of mother earth and in service of reversing climate change.  Climate scientist Gus Speth has said that what we need is a spiritual and cultural revolution in order to address the climate crisis. It … Read More

Work with the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

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The elements are our oldest ancestors. Before there was anything else, there was earth, air, fire, and water. They bring us essence energies and gifts, we can cultivate a relationship with the elements. They can help you create balance, they can help you see where there is an excess of energy, they have qualities that you may want to incorporate … Read More

Shamanic skills you need to become a mature spiritual adult

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shamanic skills and shamanism

Shamanism is a way of life that exists all over the globe throughout every indigenous culture. It is similar around the globe because these sets of shamanic skills and similar cosmologies came from the earth. People were learning to be in right relationship with the earth in their time. Now we are learning how to be in right relationship with … Read More

Wheel of the year: Your ultimate guide to setting goals with the quarter and cross-quarter holidays

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The Solstices and Equinox are powerful alignments that have been part of celebrations and human consciousness for millennia—just look at sacred places such as the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, or Angkor Wat, and other sacred places that were constructed long ago for the purpose of aligning with the sun at these important quarters of the year. When we consciously align ourselves … Read More

Why people historically worshipped a magnet in the sky and how you can too

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Women have been aligning their cycles, actions, plans, and lives with the moon for millennia. Only recently in the scale of human history have women stopped doing so. Yet many are remembering this ancient practice and tradition, including you, sister. Grandmother Moon teaches us about our cycles. In ancient times, the elders and priestesses would be the ones to teach … Read More

What is smudge?

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Smudge is a traditional shamanic cleansing and clearing technique that is necessary and essential for all shamanic practitioners and magical people. I’ve often seen people at festivals and gatherings haphazardly burning white sage, wasting this precious plant material, treating it like a fragrance. I prefer to treat sage and smudging herbs as sacred materials, especially because white sage is over-harvested and … Read More

Why Light Workers Need to Prepare for Heavy Lifting

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By Angela Kaufman Congratulations, Light Worker! You’ve been called to embrace being ‘spiritual.’ You’ve awakened to a path of infinite possibilities, committed to realizing your full potential and manifesting your dreams. You’ve decided to raise your vibration, take Yoga classes, meet your Spirit Guides and be open hearted and compassionate toward others. Your timing is impeccable. The Shadow of ourselves, … Read More