How I arrived on the Medicine Path

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medicine path

I arrived on the Medicine Path in 2011 after I was sexually assaulted.  I was twenty-three and was consequently blindsided by confusion, shame, depression, somatic dissociation, and disconnection from my intuition. Thankfully, Great Spirit guided me to find my way to a group of sisters. They were willing to help me pick myself up by my bootstraps and begin my … Read More

How to respect the wilderness

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As contemporary humans living in cities and walking around on mostly pavement, we have desensitized ourselves to being mindful of nature. Do you look where you’re stepping? Are you careful of the ecosystems beneath your feet? We are usually wearing thick-soled shoes, heals, boots, and the like so that we can’t feel what’s under our feet. In contrast, in the … Read More

What is a shaman? Cultivating right relationship

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What is a Shaman? Rise Collective

Shamans live by a set of complex and deep spiritual principles where Spirit and ceremony is integrated into every moment. Most of all, a shamanic lifestyle involves being in right relationship with oneself, with the earth, and with the spirit world (including ancestors and descendants). The ancient shamanic way of life is the way of the healer. Specifically, healing the … Read More

A lesson from the trees

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Have you ever noticed how happy the trees look in the spring time? For me it feels like the trees are reaching out, asking to be touched, greeted, they are saying hello, and blooming just for us. When it’s winter we typically ignore the trees. They are dormant and hibernating, we are cold—maybe walking faster, just trying to get where … Read More

Disconnect to Reconnect

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In the beginning of 2017, my man and I decided that every Sunday would be tech-free. It went great and felt amazing for a couple of months, and slowly it faded away for various reasons: two business owners being tech-free for a full day each week proved some challenges with communicating with our teams and our sometimes unruly schedules. Some habits … Read More

Celebrating the ancient Celts

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The Seer, From The Wildwood Tarot Deck

The ancient Celts of Ireland, Wales, and Scotland were pagan people of the earth. The ancient druids were well respected members of society—poet-priests and -priestesses who studied divination, magic, astrology, theology, nature, music, poetry…and much more. The Celts lived by the cycles of the seasons, the movement of the planets. This explains why celtic poetry is full of the intensity of … Read More

Life without plastic: How to reduce your plastic use

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how to reduce your plastic use: life without plastic

Some of the most-found items that are found on beaches and in the ocean are plastic water bottles, cutlery, and straws. I’ve been carrying these items around in my purse so that I don’t contribute to the plastic waste…when we decide to stop using plastic, we realize how it is in everything. It is hard to get away from. And of course, plastic is … Read More

Dreaming the big dream in 2017

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The other night an intimate group in our community held a sacred activism phone call together to dream the big dream together and co-create a vision for our world. Here is the vision that we came up with: Imagine a world where we show our sweet and tender hearts Imagine a world where we choose love instead of fear Imagine … Read More

Information integration for book worms

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A wisdom keeper is hungry for wisdom, that’s for sure! As a former book-devourer myself, I see lots of people in our conscious community reading a lot of the same books. Are we really taking in the information as part of our being, or just parroting what we read? In the video I talk about how to integrate the information we … Read More