How to set personal goals

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Setting goals for your hobbies

In a society that values work, material success, and achievement, some women find themselves feeling guilty for not setting goals. What if you’re content with life right now? Maybe you set lots of goals for your career, and you want to focus on personal goals. Do you want to take a break from striving?  Let’s welcome that! When we feel … Read More

First explore your desire. Then set your goals.

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Depth of desire in goal setting

Note: Make sure you listen to the meditation at the end of this post to harvest the wisdom from Future You! Many people think that they know how to set goals. Yet, why is it that very few people actually have goals? If you ask a stranger on the street what their goals for this quarter are, the chances are … Read More

Why people historically worshipped a magnet in the sky and how you can too

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Women have been aligning their cycles, actions, plans, and lives with the moon for millennia. Only recently in the scale of human history have women stopped doing so. Yet many are remembering this ancient practice and tradition, including you, sister. Grandmother Moon teaches us about our cycles. In ancient times, the elders and priestesses would be the ones to teach … Read More

What is an archetype?

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what is an archetype?

Archetypes are ancient patterns of human consciousness that are ingrained in us rather than something that we developed. We can think of archetypes as psychological patterns that are ingrained in us as human beings. When we understand the degree to which a certain archetype lives inside of us, it helps us to identify the patterns that in our work and … Read More

Why Light Workers Need to Prepare for Heavy Lifting

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By Angela Kaufman Congratulations, Light Worker! You’ve been called to embrace being ‘spiritual.’ You’ve awakened to a path of infinite possibilities, committed to realizing your full potential and manifesting your dreams. You’ve decided to raise your vibration, take Yoga classes, meet your Spirit Guides and be open hearted and compassionate toward others. Your timing is impeccable. The Shadow of ourselves, … Read More

How to work with the emotional overload of goal setting and desire

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I receive lots of emails with questions about goal setting from my Life Design Planner customers. Mostly they are “This is awesome!” emails, and sometimes I get an emails from women who are…scared sh*tless. And dare I say, if you’re using the planner and not scared sh*tless, you might be playing too small in your goal setting. Below I’m sharing an email … Read More

How to design your best year ever

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How to design your best year ever

Even if you’re committed to your goals and you set them realistically, it can be a challenge to stay on track with our busy modern lives. I find it incredibly satisfying to track my goals from year to year, quarter to quarter, month to month, and week to week, setting intentions and planting seeds at each new moon. Creating a plan … Read More

How to be a Sacred Activist

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Sacred activism

Many shamanic cultures believe that reality exists as a result of the Big Dream of the Cosmos. The Cosmos have dreamt you and I into existence. All of creation is like a spider web of life that connects everything (all our relations…our ancestors, our descendants, the standing nation, the plant nation, the two leggeds, the winged ones, and all the … Read More