10 ways to access your creativity

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10 creativity tips

After reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic I have a new view of how we access and relate with our own creativity. Creativity is a force to reckon with if we allow it to be so, yet it can also be fragile. Mainly the fragility is creativity’s susceptibility to fear’s influence. Here are the takeaways on creativity and passion that I whole-heartedly agree … Read More

The media as our culture’s oral tradition

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Earlier this week, my partner left for a summer of working on a salmon fishing boat in Alaska. When I brought him to the airport at 4am, I noticed a fellow from the local news station on the curb filming with his camera man. I had an intuitive hit that told me he would approach us, but ignored it. As … Read More

Living with Future You in mind

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What would it look like if we did things for our future-selves on a daily basis? My recognition that there even is a future-me happened when I learned a great habit from my mom—I clean my home before I go on a trip so future-me doesn’t have to wash dishes or do extra laundry when she arrives home. I started to book more vacations ahead … Read More

Shamanic journey to commune with your spirit guides

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How to do shamanic journey

One can enter the shamanic journey state under the influence of a drum beat. The drum beat is the same sound that we all came into the world listening to: the drumming of our mother’s heart. This drum beat helps us enter the theta brain wave state, which is the same state we are in when we are dreaming. Journeying into what … Read More

Women who don’t like women

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“I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t get along with other women. Most of my friends are guys—Women create too much drama.”

Less thinking, more doing

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If we always gave in to the monkey mind who says, “I don’t wanna” or “how will you ever do that?” we would never get anywhere in life.

Why 30 is not the new 20

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“Claiming your 20s is one of the simplest, yet most transformative things you can do for your work, for love, for your happiness, maybe even for the world.” — Meg Jay PhD

How to thrive in your 20s

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The voice constantly asking “am I doing this right?” doesn’t stop throughout life. This is what I have learned so far.

Why your 20s matter

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I have been doing a lot of research on the life decade: the 20s, lately because at times I feel lost and I know my peers feel the same way. I resolved to bring myself out of the dark, into the light by educating myself about what this time really means and what I am really supposed to be focusing … Read More

Laughter is medicine

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Wile E. Coyote's business card

You are enough. Don’t pretend you are already there when you know you have a lot to learn. Make decisions on the belief that you can deal with their consequences, not with the fear that you can’t. You can choose your behavior, but you can’t control your behavior’s outcome. This is real confidence.