How big tech is making us into a hypocrites and what to do about it

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Early last year a friend pointed out a way in which I was being a hypocrite. I agreed with her. The conversation led me to a self exploration process that helped me uncover a treasure trove of additional hypocrisies that I had previously unintentionally ignored because they were painful and challenging to reconcile. (I’m working on writing about that whole … Read More

Wise women choose alternative paths

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It’s a rare person who is not conditioned by society. Most internalize what we are told throughout our lives: We are not good enough. We need makeup to be pretty. We need a certain face, a certain body, a certain job, a certain amount of money in the bank to be good enough. There’s nothing wrong with any of those … Read More

Why I chose home birth

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

I’ve been meaning to share more about my experience becoming a mama because it’s been a huge turning point in my identity and in my life. Here’s one aspect of it—how and why I chose home birth. I’ve been a birth doula since 2016, so I have lots of experience supporting women through pregnancy and birth. For me, my own … Read More

Is it really your goals that are burning you out?

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your goals aren't burning you out

It’s not your goals that are burning you out! If you believe that, you could be missing out on growth and becoming. How can you move toward your goals with ease? What stresses most people out is their thoughts, because they didn’t plan well. How are you becoming intentional about your time, energy, and thoughts?

Is getting out of your comfort zone really the secret to success?

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Comfort Zone

Are you getting out of your “comfort zone,” or are you just disregulating your nervous system and harming yourself? Trying new things is a wonderful way to discover oneself. AND I think there is a fine line to tread to make sure we are being kind and caring of ourselves in that process. I think this phrase can be harmful … Read More

Episode 20: Trusting the Wild within with Leaf Running Rabbit

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Leaf Running Rabbit

Today, Leaf Running Rabbit is joining us! As a special gift from our guest, you can enter to win a copy of Leaf’s book Wild Be (Middlecreek Publishing) by becoming a patron at Giveaway closes on November 20, 2020. If you enjoy this episode or it inspired you, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. … Read More

Five ways to own your feminine nature

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5 ways to own your feminine nature

Some people hear the words “goal setting” and assume that the Life Design Method is rigid and fixed. They might ask, “what is particularly ‘magical’ or ‘feminine’ about this?” Actually, it is based in the feminine nature. My answer is that this goal setting process is feminine because it rests on the rhythms of the feminine. That is, the rhythms … Read More

How to create a ritual that supports your goals

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how to create a ritual that supports your goals

In this video you will learn how to create a ritual to support your goals. This is part of Pillar 2 of the Rise Effect. It’s important because What most Discouraged Soulpreneurs do is: They make arbitrary goals at the beginning of the year and forget about them a few months later They rely on their own will to power … Read More

How to receive guidance from your helping spirits

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

how to work with your spirit guides

This video is going to be very helpful because you’re going to finally see how to receive guidance from your helping spirits, which is a part of Pillar number two of the Rise Effect. Now, what most Discouraged Soulpreneurs do is create goals that are fueled by ego instead being fueled by their inner truth. Which is why they can … Read More