Why I don’t post my kids on social media

Carrie JordanMotherhood, Womens Wisdom

Why don’t I post my kids on social media? Myriad of reasons. #1 reason: They are not old enough to choose it. When will they be old enough? TBD. #2 reason: Most child pornography is created from social media images. Look it up, and prepare to be disgusted & horrified. #3 reason: Their life is not mine to share. Sometimes … Read More

Parenting as ancestral healing

Carrie JordanMotherhood, Shamanism, Womens Wisdom

If we can welcome the full authentic expression of a child, we break any and all ancestral patterns of abuse. Instead, we are creating a legendary legacy of love. This is a gift to the next seven generations. Can you show a child that she is loved and welcomed while she is bouncing off the walls giggly, silly, joyful AND/OR … Read More

Motherhood is a spiritual practice.

Carrie JordanMotherhood, Shamanism, Womens Wisdom

After my first baby was born I still tried to maintain my morning practice. LOL. For me, after having children there was no “sitting in meditation.” There is very little solitude or silence, no tea ceremonies, no elaborate rituals all to myself. There is only presence. There is only devotion to my family. There is only learning from my teachers … Read More

Calling AI renderings “art” dishonors our ancestors and our creator

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

There is no such thing as AI art. To call AI renderings “art” is blasphemous because humans are made in God’s image while robots are contrived, unnatural, artificial. According to its definition, ART requires consciousness. Imagination. Humanity. ART comes from the hearts, imagination, consciousness, and hands of human beings. It has since the beginning of time. Anything that has gone … Read More

Entering the MOTHER phase of the women’s lifecycle is only possible for actual mothers

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

There are people teaching that women can enter the women’s lifecycle phase of MOTHER without becoming an actual mother. They say that it is metaphorical, archetypal. It’s simply not true. In fact, it’s pandering. It occurs as tip-toeing around—avoiding “offending” non-mothers. You can not enter the MOTHER phase of the lifecycle of WOMAN without becoming an actual mother to a … Read More

Pregnancy and birth as ceremony: Maiden to Mother

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Maiden to Mother

My experience in the Maiden to Mother rite of passage My first pregnancy & birth was a beautiful, challenging, and transformative rite of passage & spiritual experience. At times I felt frustrated + alone searching for advice. But not just any run-of-the-mill unsolicited advice or projections people so freely give to pregnant women….ick.  So I became my own Wise Woman … Read More

Abortion debate is a waste of time and energy

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abortion debate waste of time and energy

Regardless of what abortion laws the feds pass, pregnancy is many things. It’s a gift from God, a co creation, a wild ride, a choice that is ultimately in a woman’s hands/body. Have you ever noticed roe v wade is and the debate has always been a mind bender? That’s because it’s a psy-op to trick you out of your … Read More

What is a Mystery School?

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mystery school video

Since ancient times Mystery Schools have called forth those who are following a sacred path. That path leads to self knowing and knowing of the other world.  A Mystery School is a university for the soul, a Path of self mastery where we can learn to awaken dormant DNA and develop ourselves as spiritual beings. It means devotion to educating ourselves … Read More

How I arrived on the Medicine Path

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medicine path

I arrived on the Medicine Path in 2011 after I was raped. I was twenty-three. My string of miserable cubicle jobs became unbearable, my empty social life became unbearable, my loneliness became unbearable as confusion, shame, depression, somatic dissociation, and disconnection from my intuition took over. Due to that trauma, I escaped into the mountains and practiced dance daily, transmuting my … Read More