Engage your senses to access body wisdom

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five senses

In the hoop dance community, when you’re day dreaming or lost in the head space, a friend will usually say, “THE BODY.” It’s a reminder to connect with your senses and what’s going on in your physical body, here and now. The body is the key to our ancient inner wisdom, intuition, and connection with the heart space. In our frenetic world, we … Read More

Must-have app for some good laughs!

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

My hilarious friend Melissa of The M.A.R.S. Lab brings it with some serious laughter medicine. She insisted that I start watching Broad City on Comedy Central (have you seen it?!), and I have been praising her name ever since. Earlier this week she introduced me to Dub Smash app, and I spent hours on it last night cracking up and making silly videos, sending … Read More

Thank you boot campers!

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

Body Bliss Bootcamp was such a fun week—This time I structured our time in daily challenges, which made for some very interesting instagram posts (including me jumping into Lake Washington and one boot camper breakin’ it down, dancing in front of a crowd!). Doing things outside of the normal routine creates new neural connections in the brain, and incorporating novelty … Read More

Enjoying the last restorative week of winter

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photo of a rose bud

Winter is the time to hibernate and reflect on the year behind us. What have we accomplished? What do we still need to face or deal with? What do we really want? Although the days are already longer and we have the scent of spring in the air, this week is the final week of winter before we move into Spring. … Read More

Romanticizing sexual violence is 50 Shades of Bullshit

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Poster from the movie

How we relate sexually is deeply connected to our groundedness, and our sense of self-worth. When our sexual lives are not in alignment, it deeply affects the ways that we view ourselves in other aspects of our lives. I have never read or watched 50 Shades of Gray because I find the idea of it repulsive, however I’ve heard a lot … Read More

We have come to be danced

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earth dance by Alex Grey

Dancing balances the four elements within the being, and it also activates the subtle energies within. It helps us get in touch with our true essence—our soul came here to be danced, and to express its true self. When we dance, the soul is able to do that! I love how this poem perfectly describes what this means. by Jewel … Read More

Letting go of addictions that squash our emotions

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Our society is addicted to sugar, coffee, TV, the internet, food, shopping, our phones, and lots of other things. We squelch and squash our emotions back into our bodies by self-medicating with our addictions, avoiding our feelings and our lives. Even if you let go of one of these, another one will pop up to replace it. Avoidance and addictions are tricky like … Read More

How I gave up caffeine and alcohol

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When we meet up with friends, we often say, “Want to meet for coffee?” “Want to get a drink?” These lovely beverages have become a past time and a part of our society.