You are part of the Spiritual & Cultural Revolution

Recent climate reports say we have about 12 years to collectively shift the way we live on this planet before major catastrophe hits. Scientists say we need a spiritual and cultural revolution in order for this to happen

It is your duty to courageously step into leadership in this new paradigm. You are the solution.  

The keys to the Spiritual & Cultural Revolution are: 

  1. Ancestral healing
  2. Women healing & working with with their creative power source, their wombs
  3. Reciprocity with the earth
  4. Reconnection with the rhythms of our bodies, the earth, and the moon.

It is clear to me that we have all of the technological solutions we need to change our trajectory of destruction on this Earth. However, after eons of trauma and perpetuated patterns, we have lost our connection to ourselves and the earth—the curse of greed and challenging human dynamics are blocking us from a collective shift. It’s time to unpack and lay out your natural wisdom and gifts on the table in service.

There are a few ways that you can start:

Make your roadmap

Download a quick 6-step plan to focus your energy and take inspired action to achieve your goals with support from the unseen realms.

Council & Support

Finish the things you start and experience powerful shifts in all areas of your life.


Learn how to heal your ancestry and mindset, incorporate the feminine flow of nature and your body, and create habits and goals you commit to. 


I’m right here to support you as you learn, heal yourself, and discover the rhythm and wisdom of your womb, the moon and the earth.


Sister, I know that this can often be a vulnerable place for women: it’s unknown, uncertain, and sometimes scary to welcome Grace into our lives. I feel a lot of compassion for where you’re coming from, and I’m looking forward to supporting you.

Here’s what you can do next: