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We all desire to know ourselves and our place in the world, to celebrate with community, and to be awakened and empowered so that our gifts may make themselves known to us. This is what we focus on at The Rise Collective.

This is a place where you’re invited to express yourself in new ways. What does that mean for you? It might mean asking for help when you need it. It might mean stepping out of your comfort zone to fully embody your soul’s essence. It might mean making time to play, dance, sing, and enjoy. It might mean finding the sacred magic in your life. This is a place to honor ourselves and our sacred medicine.

Thanks again for popping in…Here’s another question for you: How do you rise to your soul’s mission and shine your light in your life?

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In the Rise & Shine Program, we combine Earth Wisdom and Womb Wisdom into a powerful and soulful experience that helps women discover the sacred in every day and step into a new version of womanhood. The intimate and experiential program supports our relationships with the earth medicine of the natural world, with our own bodies and wombs. We also offer a business program where you will up-level every area of your business so that you are making more sales and step into your soul's work in your community.