What were your kid dreams?

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism

What did you dream you could be as a kid? An artist? An archaeologist? A secret agent?

What did you dream of doing while you were in college, preparing to enter the “real world”? Have you “gotten there” yet?

It’s a trip to look back and remember what your plan or your dream was…because often our plan doesn’t work quite as we hoped. The destination that we dream of tends to have a winding road that leads there. Or perhaps the destination changes throughout life. Mine has evolved more than I can count so far in this lifetime!

A friend of mine was telling me how excited she was that her new house is so “fancy”…it even has a washer and dryer in the house! She said, “If 15-year old me heard me saying this, she would say, ‘what happened? You’re excited about a washing machine? Where’s your erotic novel writing career?’…And I would tell her, ‘that has to wait.’”

Would your 15-year old self be happy about who and how you turned out to be?

The “real world” can be challenging—with the need for a steady paycheck, health insurance, car insurance, grocery bills, gas bills, doctor bills, 401k savings…The list goes on. But we can choose how we spend our time. We can choose who we spend it with. We can choose what parts of ourselves to feed and develop. That also means taking action and chasing our dreams, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day at first.

And we can choose how we see ourselves and how we see the world. This journey is sacred, and everything is happening for you. Even your greatest pain. It is part of you, and it is carrying you somewhere. Your soul came here to evolve, and you are being divinely led from one adventure to another, even if you can’t see it now. We are all on a soul-journey, and each lifetime helps our soul learn new things about being a human. You are being led to what your soul needs to learn next in its evolution during this lifetime.

We choose to enjoy the journey, and we continue to evolve and develop our dreams as we grow throughout life. What is your soul learning?