Who you are meant to be

Carrie JordanShamanism

There are so many people on the interwebs writing about “following your passion,” telling people to “quit your day job” and “do what you love” as if finding your following your passion is the answer to feeling lost.

To “follow your passion” is an aspirational but elusive idea. It takes time to know ourselves well enough to define it. Then we have to reconcile our passions (also known as hobbies) with demands and logistics of life (work and obligations).

Introduction to Shamanic Studies
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What you are “meant” to do doesn’t have as much to do with how you make money and what you do for a living as it has to do with who you strive to be and how you strive to be. Like many of us, you may be a person with several passions (or hobbies).

What you are “meant” to do is about who and how you strive to be.

The human condition is about searching and learning, and sometimes it is overwhelming. Where do you turn next? What is the next move? To get the best guide possible on your search, develop a spiritual practice.

Cultivating and nurturing a connection with Spirit and the divine, higher self is what intuitively informs a person of who and how to be on a daily basis.

This connection and relationship is fragile. It requires mindfulness, solitude, and that one bring consciousness to each moment. Of course, we are human, not always mindful or conscious but instead distracted and impatient.

Take time to thank the mama, to make a little prayer, to walk like you are kissing the earth, to let your guides know that you are listening and noticing. It will help you create and nurture your connection, and your inner life will begin to unfold.