Winter Solstice (Part 4, The Visionary)

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Winter Solstice Ritual

Before the Winter Solstice Christina Pratt (of The Last Mask Center) created a set of podcasts that guide how we can do the soul work to step into a fruitful year ahead having left behind what no longer serves us and step into a new version of life.

This blog and the next blog in the 4-part series this week will be a review of her guidance for how to prepare for the winter solstice on December 21, and a guide for the journey questions she recommends. 

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There are four archetypal teachers that are helpful in guiding us in seizing the opportunity of the winter solstice. They are the healer, the warrior, the teacher, and the visionary. This blog is about the visionary. We already worked with the healerthe warrior, the teacher, and now we are wrapping up all that we have learned with the visionary.

Spring time is on its way, and in this time following the solstice fire is still winter time, so it is the yin time of clearing, decluttering, emotional work, so we are better prepared for spring time. Winter is the time of returning to the source. It has also been called returning to the mountain or the lake to fill the well. In this analogy, the well is the energy of the pure potential, and winter is the time to replenish, restore, and renew for the year ahead.

We can fill the well through emotional health. We don’t have time for this work throughout the year, especially in the summer time, and that is why winter is the best time to catch up with the self and work through what you have experienced during the year. Clear the fears and anxieties that get caught up in the adrenal glands and in the kidneys. Clear the false passions that hide your truly passionate self.

So, we completed the solstice ritual in December, and we need to make the sudden changes we asked the fire to assist us with. The fire began the transformational process that will allow us to seize sudden change in the six weeks following the fire.

The visionary acknowledges that there are visions everywhere—we can get excited about them, they might inspire creativity, but they might be someone else’s. Discern the vision that is your guiding vision and the other visions that simply inspire or excite you.

If you have no visions, you may need to heal, detox, in order to cleanse your channels.

The visionary also invites us to know our relationship with the larger dreaming—that dream which is the original dream. The true role of the visionary is to help us align with that piece of the dreaming that is dreaming us into existence. Your dream is part of the big dream that is dreaming YOU.

To work with the visionary is to work with your full body and full humanity to align because we have to feel not just what engages the mind, but what really aligns with our heart and engages our deep personal passions. Drop in. Engage the spirit and the body at the same time.

To begin your work with the visionary for the Winter Solstice:

1. Journey exploration questions:  

  • Show me where in my life I am most truthfully aligned with my calling.
  • Show me where in my life I am most false in my sense of my true calling.
  • What do i need to do to align and express my power through my true calling?

2. Track and notice the old patterns that arise in you after the fire ritual to enhance your perception

After a transformational fire, your life keeps trying to give things back in case you didn’t mean to give them up—your old patterns, lies, stories will make an effort to repossess you. Your responsibility is to hold the line of the changes you asked for in the fire.

Notice it when they arise and don’t engage, and they will continue to lose power.

The visionary teaches us to “deny our tendency toward indulgence and expose our patterns toward denial.”

Tendencies toward indulgence are: emotional drama, obsessive behavior, spinning in the mind and getting caught up in the mind.

Denial is secretive and easier to hide—Ask yourself, “What is the true emotion under the drama or indulgence?” “What is the fear under the secret you are holding in your denial?”

Journey exploration questions:

  • Show me the ways my true self gets lost in my habits of denial.
  • Show me the ways my true self gets lost in my habits of indulgence.

3. Cultivate a conscious connection with the big dream through an am/pm practice. This will engage the imagination in seeing the invisible world which encourages intuition

The visionary teaches us to align with the dream that is dreaming us. Your soul’s purpose is not just what makes you happy and what you want. It is a path of mastery, a piece of a larger picture, and a larger dream that is much bigger than you.

Honor and serve the big dream, for it is in right relationship with all life.

Create your evening practice

Cultivate conscious relationship with the big dream. Journey the dreaming place (where you connect to the Big Dream). Ask your helping spirits to take you there. These are the qualities of it:

  • It is a place in non-ordinary reality.
  • It gives you a view to see or hear or experience the big dreaming as a flow of energy.
  • You will witness or experience the flow of the great dream that is manifesting reality.
  • You will meet the helping spirit who will answer your questions and help you cultivate your relationship with the big dreaming.
  • Open to your capacity to hear it as a great song; to see it; to feel it as a great flow of energy. Feel the things that are aligned with it, and then you will begin to feel what is contrary to it.
  • Sense the big dream and become connected to it.
  • Honor and serve the big dream, for it is in right relationship with all life.
  • You can’t know in your head. You know in your heart or your belly.
  • Ask that you become connected with this place and visit it in your sleep.

Create your morning practice

Become consciously aware of what happened unconsciously in your evening practice and dream time. Ground the dreams or visions that came to you the night before in your altar practice by taking a moment and tuning into what came. What you feel is growing in your relationship to the big dream.

Journey exploration questions:

  • Show me what i need to do to strengthen or heal my heart so that i can fully express my power.
  • Where in my life have I shaped my nature into what others expect?
  • Where in my life have I shaped my nature into what others need from me?
  • Where in my life have I shaped my nature into get approval from others?
  • What are the essential things I need to align with my growing sense of myself with my true nature?

I’m wishing you an amazing year ahead!