Working with personal patterns

Carrie JordanLife Design

Last year after an unproductive summer (in terms of the personal projects I churned out), I was wondering why I hadn’t created much.

At the end of the year I looked back at my productivity and goals log from the whole year, and recognized a pattern: In fall and winter, I enjoy being inside, creating. In the spring and summer, I can’t wait to get outdoors and hike or spend most of my time being active, gardening, or traveling. I didn’t want to be stuck inside if I could help it!

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I have found that fall and wintertime are great times to start projects, finish projects that were left unfinished last year, reflect, review, and create new habits and practices.

Since it’s dark and cold out, there’s more time to be inside, to relax, nest, and create paintings, write, and experiment in the kitchen.
Now that I know this about myself, I stopped writing goals during the summer like “finish illustrating book” or “write outline for workshop.” I know that I will want to work on these things in the colder months, while I would have to force myself during the summer months. In the summer months, I like making goals such as “go backpacking in xyz” or “enjoy vacation with Mom and Dad,” or “go running 4x per week.”
Have you recognized your seasonal patterns, and if so, what are they? What is the best time of year for you to create?